Rebecca Delange & Alyshia Boddenberg
Things From The Edges (installation details)
variable dimensions
soil, feathers, string, wood, paint, sequins, glitter & other materials

Things From the Edges
is an experimental installation work, consisting of a series of relationships and dialogues between objects, materials and ideas. Alyshia Boddenberg and Rebecca Delange have teamed up to collaborate on their shared explorations into ideas pertaining to growth, excess and mutation. Detritus from the streets, artefacts from dreams, unconscious manifestations, things glimpsed in peripheral vision, denied fears and buried moments are articulated in their sculptural assemblages.

In the depths of Melbourne, viewers will be able to observe these elusive forms. Materials such as wood scraps, office supplies, fabric, plastic, paper, carpet, tape rope, household items, string, dirt, clay, feathers, glitter and paint are combined to create work that is simultaneously compelling, repulsive and optimistic. The artists will both utilise the Vitrine cabinet to create a dialogue between two practices to form a semi-abstract installation as they converge.

Rebecca Delange’s work explores ideas of uncomfortableness, disgust, waste and optimism. She is interested in exploring how immaterial things, such as emotions, memories, ideas and attitudes, can actually manifest into three-dimensional forms and exist tangibly in our reality. Delange has recently completed her Honours year at the VCA and has exhibited in a wide range of group and solo exhibitions, including Seventh Gallery, 45 Downstairs, The Counihan Gallery and First Site. She won the Ephemeral Award at the Wangaratta Sculpture Biennale in March 2008.

Alyshia Boddenberg’s work explores the transition of mundane, average, unassuming objects into seductive and dangerous formations that, gaining strength on mass, form a terrain entirely unto themselves. Boddenberg has recently completed her Honours year at the VCA. She was awarded The Casama Group Award, 2008, was short listed for the Dowd Travelling Scholarship, 2008, and selected to participate in The Filippo Raphael Fresh! exhibition at Craft Victoria in 2008.

On show at Vitrine from 1 – 25 September 2009