Simon O'Carrigan
Hand drawn animation still
DVD, looped, colour, sound, 4:15 Minutes
© 2009

The root origin of the word terminal is terminus, the end of a line. A terminal is also an external computer station that allows input to an internal network. A terminal is a point of connection that closes the loop of an electric circuit. A terminal disease is that which is predicted to lead to death, especially slowly. A terminal velocity denotes the constant speed an object reaches when the resistance of the medium through which it falls prevents further acceleration.

In this work, Terminal, we see the daily life of a worker in a modern day 'electronic plantation'. Falling through his viscous life, a terminal velocity is reached. Repetitive tasks and repetitive days keep him on a loop, his position being a terminal, closing the loop of his office network circuit. The worker is slowly reaching the end of the line, a terminus at which he'll not burn out, just fade away.

Simon O'Carrigan works across animation, collage and painting and has exhibited in various galleries around Melbourne since 2005. Simon’s work has been included in Hatched National Graduate exhibition at PICA, and earned him the NAVA Ignition Award. His animations have been commissioned for the City Museum in Melbourne, screened in Taiwan, Canberra Short Film Festival, Brisbane International Animation Festival, This Is Not Art's Electrofringe, and included in various DVD zine compilations by Tape Projects.

On show at Frame from 1 – 25 September 2009