Greatest Hits
Silver paint
© 2009

Greatest Hits (Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer & Simon McGlinn) is a impulsive paranoia driven collaboration, hellbent on questioning the absurd equilibrium of creation and destruction in the psyche of a group that perversely ravishes the notion of the creation of meaning and interpretation. Ritualistic acts of frustrated futility allude to the inane purpose of artistic endeavour, referencing common notions of the artist and their mysterious drive to push importance over practicality and into a world where the end has no beginning. Narrative collides with genre while systematically combining optimistic possibility with the sweet smell of ever-present failure. Insight into the views of three protagonists' psychological catastrophes, results in a cross-pollinating narrative that continuously feeds back into itself in a churning cycle of connections and potentialities for meaning.

The collaborative group Greatest Hits are three individuals trying their best to agree long enough to work on creative projects. Their outcomes highlight the dynamic of the group consciousness and how it relates to their world and contemporary art. Solo exhibitions include Keep it together at TCB in September 2009 and TACOCAT at Westspace in June 2009.