Kate Just
Framed collage on archival paper
78 x 58cm
© 2009

Kate Just is an American born, Melbourne based artist who first became known for her sculptural knitting practice informed strongly by emotional and autobiographical references. Just's practice has also encompassed use of mixed media sculpture, collage, digital print, and video. Experiences of childhood memory, her own migration, and the garden/natural environment as an allegory for the human condition influenced her early works, while more recent works envisage transformations of human (in particular female) bodies into natural and other forms and the landscapes these imagined bodies inhabit. Just’s works incorporate Greek and other mythologies, such as Persephone's descent underground and Daphne's transformation into a laurel tree. She also uses religious and art historical references, studies in feminism and science fiction. Her work posits transformation as a metaphor for personal struggles, loss, awakening, emerging sexuality and creativity.

Just is represented by Nellie Castan Gallery, South Yarra.