Pippa Makgill
fabric, wooden poles, plaster casts, toys, wire
(installation detail)
© 2009

My studio is currently filled with plastered objects, plastic animals, $2 shop stuff and material casts of objects. Eclectic maybe? I use 600ml coke bottles a lot, I think I may just be trying to hide the fact that I buy too many of them. Pieces of objects are bound together to make strange and quirky gestures. Play and experimentation are central to creating a language. If my family were artists that influenced me my mum would be Richard Tuttle, my dad would be Hany Armanious, my big sister would be Mikala Dwyer and my little brother would be Gedi Sibony – Franz West would be my favourite uncle.

Pippa graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2004. Her current practice spans sculpture, installation, photography and drawing. Pippa has exhibited with Special Gallery, Enjoy Gallery, High St Project and the Physics Room in New Zealand and C3 Contemporary Art Space in Melbourne. Pippa is currently completing her MFA by Research at Monash University.