Deadline for 2010 Artistic Program applications: 5pm Friday 17 July 2009.

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Platform is putting the call out for a new director to join the Platform team!

This is a paid, part-time, position helping to manage the organisation and working very closely with the artistic team and board, as well as managing a large network of relationships with artists, art organisations, government and funding bodies, landlords, media and the public.

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Opening Friday 3 July 2009 from 6-8pm
Degraves Street Subway Melbourne Australia

TOM O'HERN at Platform


Nicole Breedon
oil painting on canvas
© 2009

The term ‘apocalypse’ is one that has been used extensively in the media and arts of late – the coming to an end of the human species, and the monumental grief and suffering involved. Apocalypse literally translates to ‘lifting of the veil’ and traditionally refers to a disclosure to certain people, something hidden from the majority of humankind. Today, however, the term is often used to refer to the end of the world.

Apocalypticism is a multi-disciplinary work investigating the concepts and themes of secrets, and their relation to ideas such as: truth, government secrecy, conspiracy, mysticism, illusion, magic,reality, revelation, and the metaphysical.

Shifting the normal viewing position of Platform’s glass display cases, the small-scale installations are instead hidden behind various façades, reminiscent of doors or chests. Emerging from the darkness, these installations are made visible via peepholes, manipulating the viewer into the uncomfortable position of voyeur, violating a mysterious and unexplained privacy.

On display in the main Platform cases throughout June.

Nicole Breedon
Sham Orb
plywood cover over clay sculptures
(detail installation view)
Photo courtesy of the artist © 2009

Nicole Breedon employs painting, woodwork, video and installation to explore the esoteric nature of our cosmos and the human psyche – such as the mind, the origins of the universe and creation, the future, time and space. Her work examines mankind's infinitesimal position within the orders of magnitude, in contrast to the richness and depth of the human experience. Aside from various collaborative ventures, duo shows and group exhibitions such as Lateral Investigations at George Paton Gallery, Nicole is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Art at the VCA. Visit Nicole's website here.

Rachel Ang
Untitled Apocalypticism
medical masks, lamps, beaker, soil, plant
(detail installation view)
© 2009

Rachel Ang's work is concerned with experience, curiosity, discovery – a logic of the senses, which lends itself to the pursuit of freedom and romanticism. Her work is made by bringing seemingly incongruous elements together to explore relations and restraint – a material-based practice resulting in objects that embody the discourse which is their orbit, a kind of play which is both ebullient and scientific in scope. Her creations are constantly being broken down and reconstructed; physical inversions catalyse conceptual ones. Rachel completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at the VCA in 2008. Rachel has shown work at Platform, Mailbox 141, and the Sydney College of the Arts and more recently showed in Blindside’s To Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Gone Before.

Ace Wagstaff
Untitled Apocalypticism
Rubik's Cube pieces, wires
(detail installation view)
© 2009

Ace Wagstaff is interested in the unknown and theoretical: space, time and love. His practice involves the creation of tributes or homages to these ideals, like three-dimensional sonnets of representation to certain scientific and philosophical theories and concepts. These loving tributes are often realised in a variety of forms including photography, installation, social or relational acts, painting and sculpture. Ace graduated from the VCA with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2007. He has been included in group exhibitions, social interventions, collaborative projects with other artists, residencies at various schools and solo exhibitions including Aesthetic Laboratory, at George Paton Gallery in 2008.


Andy Hutson
Unnatural History
timber, paper, plastic & electronic sculptural installation
(upper: installation view)
(lower: installation details)
© 2009

Unnatural History utilises Vitrine as a site for a miniature diorama, as one would encounter in a museum of natural history – at least, a museum based on the empirical classification of 'historical’ or ‘natural’ artefacts. In this case, the papier-mâché and cardboard artefacts presented highlight the increasing difficulty with which we differentiate between the constructed and natural worlds. Although these objects are archaic in both their construction and content, they represent the shape of things to come – an entirely fabricated nature. Unnatural History critically questions the cultural apparatus through which our perception of ‘the natural’ is formed, and simultaneously alludes to humankind’s own willful and inevitable destruction of the environment.

On display in the Vitrine case throughout June.

Andy Hutson is a Melbourne based artist, working primarily in sculpture and installation. He has exhibited both locally and interstate, and recently completed his Master of Fine Art at VCA. In 2008 he was the recipient of the ANZ Visual Arts Award. Andy is also an active member of Seventh Gallery, an artist run space in Fitzroy, Melbourne.


Chloe Vallance
Fables of the familiar, the forgotten and the found
pencil drawings on timber, bottles, canvas, paper, paint swatches and pencil shavings
(upper: detail view)
(lower: installation view)
© 2009

The idea of sequencing imagery to suggest an underlying notion of a narration is a recurring theme in my art making. I have become increasingly interested in familiar and forgotten moments of intimate human interaction, as well as the notion of scale – very small drawings allow the imagery to become more personal. I am also fascinated by the simplicity of intimacy experienced by a solitary figure a moment at a time. My current art practice deals with intimate imagery of figures, both together and solitary. When sequenced together, these images allude to the concept of a narration in the form of a storyboard, family album or a film still. The ideas for my drawings stem from my observation of people, close friends and family, and are developed from photographs and life. Fables… will consist of a series of small-scale drawings, paintings, objects and artist books. I am working predominately in coloured pencil on paper, colour swatches, and timber, (pine and MDF board), to create my drawings and objects, while using oils to produce my paintings. The artist books consist of traditional book making materials, such as card, fabric and paper. A lot of my materials, especially the colour swatches and timber, are found objects that relate in terms of scale.

Chloe Vallance is currently studying Fine Art (Honours) Drawing at RMIT. Vallance has held solo shows including: Human Interaction at RMIT First Site Gallery, Narratives of the Personal the Playful and the Peaceful at Seventh Gallery, and Chapter 12 at Brunswick Street Gallery. Chloe has appeared in group exhibitions such as Made in Italy, Phillips House of Fine Art Drawing Prize, and she was one of five winners of the Siemens RMIT Fine Art Undergraduate travel scholarships for 2007.

On display in the Sample case throughout June.


Tanja Milbourne
Degraves Street Subway
photographic collage
© 2009

This project, specifically designed for the Frame Residency at Platform, takes the existing site as the subject for enquiry. Investigating the conceptual and formal properties of photographic documentation, Degraves Street Subway extends into the temporal realm. The transitory nature of the passageway is evidenced by the fragments and traces of people moving through the subway. The surrounding space is unfolded both architecturally and temporally, implicating the viewer in the act of seeing and inviting questions about the nature of perception.

On display in the Frame case throughout June.

This is the sixth installation from Tape Projects' Frame Residency at Platform.

Tanja Milbourne is a photographer and media artist. Her work incorporates an ongoing investigation into photographic documentation, informed through critical examination of the inherent qualities of representation and perception.


Aaron Moodie
non particular
pencil drawing on paper
Aaron Moodie
© 2009

non particular consists of a series of large works in ink, pen and pencil on paper, which explore social and mental space, the modern world and the interaction between them. I spend a lot of time inside my head, and use my work as a way to document and express the thoughts and feelings that are generated as a result.

On display in the Majorca cases on Centre Place Melbourne throughout June.

Aaron Moodie is a Melbourne based graphic designer. He likes making things and trying to comprehend infinity. This is his first ever exhibition.


Opening 6-8pm Friday 5 June 2009
Degraves Street Subway Melbourne


Nicole Breedon, Rachel Ang & Ace Wagstaff (Platform)
Andy Hutson (Vitrine)
Tanja Milbourne (Frame)
Choe Vallance (Sample)
Aaron Moddie (Majorca)