Drew Pettifer
Drip Painting
Paint over c-type photograph
variable dimensions
© 2010

Drew Pettifer’s new series Fluid directly explores the concept of ‘fluid gender’. It transgresses the expected gender boundaries of ‘male’ by shifting the fetishised gaze onto a male body, rather than the female one. Viscous, satin black gloss acrylic paint has been poured over photographs of the male nude, obscuring each subject’s genitals until it pools across the bottom of the cabinet. These drips add an abject quality to the male nude, alluding to bodily fluids and leaking bodies. The deliberate obscuring of the genitals in these works also goes some way towards de-gendering the subject; the main signifier of gender in the naked body is concealed.

Drew Pettifer is a Melbourne based artist and curator. Recent solo exhbitions include You are the Light at The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick (2009), The Decisive Moment at Kings ARI (2009) and Cake boys: photographs in two series at Blindside ARI (2008). See more at: www.drewpettifer.com