Above: The centenary of the VR in Melbourne in September 1954.

Curated by Jenny Davies, author of the new book Beyond The Façade, this exhibition presents decade-by-decade views depicting the many facets of the Flinders Street Station’s history through a combination of paintings, photographs, stencils and text. Presented in conjunction with artist John Bates, and industrial design student Tristan Tait, this show kicks off the celebrations in the lead up to the centenary of the station on 22 January.

This extensive historical display is divided across the twelve main cases, starting in the late 19th century when the architectural designs were mixed up with the plans for a station in India, right through to the current situation of successive government neglect and the demise of this wonderful public building.

Pre 1900s features the first award winning design by Fawcett & Ashworth. 1900s includes the construction period, Official Opening of the VRI (Victorian Railways Institute) and the opening of Flinders Street Station. 1910s examines the extensive public facilities of the Railways Institute (including a childcare centre and gym). 1920s looks at Chief Commissioner Clapp and his visionary initiatives. 1930s highlights the Children’s Nursery the work of Sister Northcott. 1940s is all about dancing & Miss Gladstone during and after the war. 1950s covers the many special events and the building of our very own Degraves Street Subway! 1960s showcases the retail history with the much loved Hearns Hobbies and City Hatters. 1970s shows a shift to strikes, unionism and turmoil and the first demolition threats. 1980s witnesses the start of the demolition with the loss of the Concourse and the famous Mirka Mora Mural. 1990s shows further deterioration of the station and surrounds. 2000s onwards presents architectural highlights and the publication of Jenny's book Beyond the Façade. The Centenary Edition Book is only available by direct mail order at this stage. The current edition is available from various bookshops throughout Melbourne. Ask your local bookstore to order stocks!

Closes Saturday 23 January 2010