Mind the Gap is a multi-staged project using art as a communication tool to achieve social inclusion. This installation features more than 70 artworks from 20 residents living at Sacred Heart Mission (SHM), Queens Road Rooming House.

This project is proof that individuals who have experienced homelessness can use their creativity to reconnect with the wider community. The exhibition aims to raise community awareness about the success of people who have been marginalised due to economic factors, mental illness or disability and to demonstrate the positive outcome of creativity as a vehicle for resilience.

Queens Road Rooming House opened in December 2005 with 64 self-contained units in central Melbourne. The aim of the Rooming House is to help people break the cycle of homelessness by providing residents with stable, long term accommodation and support to maintain their housing. The Arts Studio opened its doors in August 2008 with seven residents attending art sessions. The Studio was conceived as a safe space – an environment where residents could develop self esteem, support themselves, acknowledge their creativity and go forward to breach the gap in their dreams.

Today more than 20 residents are active in the Queens Road art program. Activities in the Studio provide opportunities for socialisation and the use of art as therapy. Studio work provides a focus, a place to develop communication between self and others, a source for residents to explore their emotions and develop their artistic skills.

The artists, dedicate this installation to the PCA crew at the Queens Road Rooming House.Your helping spirit has touched us deeply.We feel part of community in which people help each other. It changes our world to know you are there. – Gail Hart, Arts Therapist

Platform dedicates this exhibition to artist Andrew Dowd who was killed in tragic circumstances shortly after the opening last December. RIP Andy – thank you for sharing your art and music with us.