Jessica Herrington
A particular excess
installation detail
© 2009

The focus of my work is on the mistakes, errors, and the testing of limits. Painting is a medium which embodies ideas of perfection and consequently leads to a greater sense of mistake or failure. There are qualities within paint that speak about the human body and existence. Paint is both abject and awkward. Like our bodies, paint has a structure capable of both beauty and the grotesque. My work explores the melancholy aspects of human nature by using a combination of elements that glitter and drip, creating works that are pathetic, funny and sad. A particular excess is made by loading on more paint than a canvas can physically hold. Paint falls off, then is scooped up and placed back on the canvas. Black paint covers over surfaces which were once vibrantly coloured. The black surface hints at what is underneath, letting tiny pieces of colour and glitter float to the top. I like to think of this process as a conversation (or argument) with painting. When I pour paint onto a canvas it reacts (or rebuts) by emptying the paint off itself or collapsing altogether.

Jessica Herrington currently lives and works in Canberra. This is her second solo show in Melbourne. She has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT. Herrington has an eye for the awkward and the overlooked. Her practice spans video, objects, photography, prints and painting. Her work paradoxically plays up to and attracts the viewer through its seductive and voluptuous qualities yet simultaneously repulses with this complete excess.

At Vitrine throughout February - opening Friday 12 February.