Roberta Rich
Orifice (Slow Suck Part II)
digital video stills
© 2009

Orifice (Slow Suck Part II) and Nude Thump are two video drawings using my body. I am interested in exploring awkward and confronting bodily actions and displaying them within manipulated loops of video footage. The result is an absurd, repetitious canvas that fuses a feminist visuality with an experimental, masculine soundtrack. The work is manufactured within the broader context of video-art and feminist performance but remains, at its essence, a genuine interrogation of my own female body, its socio-political location, and its function as an expressive medium in itself. Moreover, I am choosing to deliberately position my body as both a vulnerable and increasingly complex, challenging entity - as the subject of the voyeuristic gaze.

Roberta Rich recently graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Fine Art - Painting. In 2008, Roberta completed a residency in Prato, Italy, as part of Monash University's Exchange program. In 2010 she plans to continue studying at Monash University to complete a Bachelor of Fine Art - Honours.