Unleashing the zine habit onto the masses, The Undiscovered Press showcases the work of twelve dedicated zinesters from all around Australia. A mix of seasoned and new zinemakers have been set the challenge of expanding their A5 publications into large format artworks. Paper, pens, robots, envelopes, photos, ducks and textas are combining to explode these ephemeral works of stapled glory into full scaled artistic pieces. Unearthing their zine creations from their bedrooms, stealthy office photocopying sessions and dusty storage areas, these chronic zinemakers are an eclectic reflection of The Undiscovered Press.

Often the artistic merit of zines are overlooked by zine readers and collectors. In fact, when described, most people describe zines as literary works rather than realising they are also small works of very personal art. The Undiscovered Press focuses on showcasing the artistic side of zines. The zine makers from all around Australia have expanded their own zine making practices into twelve eclectic and contemporary artworks. A difficult challenge as zines are notoriously ephemeral but to display these artworks in such a public place will pique the interest of the public to the underbelly of the artistic world, The Undiscovered Press.

Featuring: Androniki Douramakos, Cameron Baker, Mary-Helen Daly, Sarah Foster, Brendan Halyday, Marc Martin, Arlene Texta Queen, Pat Grant, Michelle Vandermeer, On Wednesday and Fergus.

Opening Night Friday 12 February 6-8pm