March Exhibitions

Exhibition dates: 4–26 March 2011

7-7 Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat. Degraves Street Melbourne.

Degraves Street Subway
Melbourne Victoria Australia

Featured Artists:

House me within a geometric quality curated by Patrice Sharkey.

Featuring Liang Luscombe, Antonia Sellbach, Esther Stewart and Masato Takasaka
with contributions* from:

* works from the permanent collection and selected loans from the EVERYTHING ALWAYS ALL READY-MADE WANNABE STUDIO MASATOTECTURES MUSEUM OF FOUND REFRACTIONS 1994-2011

Justin Andrews
Damiano Bertoli
Fergus Binns
Stephen Bram
Simon Castricum
Lane Cormick
Renee Cosgrave
Ross Coulter
James Deutsher
Melissa D'or
Anna Ephraim + Warren Taylor
Sam George
Diena Georgetti
Sharon Goodwin
Matthew Griffin
Ry Haskings
Christopher L.G Hill
Matt Hinkley
Estelle Ihász
Madeline Kidd
Debra Kunda
Merryn Lloyd
James Lynch
Nicholas Mangan
Lizzy Newman
Kerrie Poliness
Lisa Radford
Nick Selenitsch
Bryan Spier
Masato Takasaka
Jeremy The
Inverted Topology
Blair Trethowan
Meredith Turnbull
Helen Walter
Oscar Yanez

Vitrine: Kat Clarke

Sample: Tristan Davies

Majorca: Yuria Okamura and James Murane.