Call for Proposals -- July-November 2012

Now accepting proposals for the exhibiting period between Jul - Nov 2012.

For this round we are particularly seeking proposals for the main PLATFORM exhibition space comprising of 13 cabinets in Campbell Arcade, Degraves Street pedestrian underpass.

Applications close: 15 January 2012

So get your thinking caps on!

Coming up at Platform...The Universe According to First Dog on the Moon

Exhibition dates: 2 Dec 2011 -- 28 Jan 2012
Opening function: Fri 2 Dec 2011, 6-8pm

The Universe according to First Dog on the Moon

The end times are with us. We live in the dark heart of Earth’s final days, the planet’s creeping twilight, hurtling liminal, crepuscular, toward the grinding demise of Gaia. Struggling vainly, clinging wretchedly to our world’s crumbling, degraded crust – we seek answers, we seek even a dim light to guide us. As the grim parade of our broken lives shuffles past us, we need leaders, philosophers, great writers and artists to pierce the murk of ignorance and illuminate how we came to be here and how, if at all, we can crawl back from the precipice. Who will guide us through these dark times? Probably not First Dog on the Moon – he is too busy drawing pictures of marsupials and then laughing at them while in the bath. This is the First Dog on the Moon story.

First Dog on the Moon (aka Andrew Marlton) is the Editorial Cartoonist for online e-zine, <> He is a merciless lampooner of anyone that gets his goat, yet is by all accounts a lovely fellow. His hilarious cartoons are available on t-shirts but not yet underpants. He has more Twitter followers than you.