March Exhibitions 2013

 He called the first meeting "Notions of Nationalism to Quantum Mechanics, through Time". 
With the fight about extra terrestrial civilisations figuring as a kind of subheading.  

They were really just discussing the issues: The Gist. But then she was all rolling her eyes, interrupting.
And it all just kind of burst.

Something about how we manage each other, how we relinquish and take back control.
"I'm not a mind-reader", I think she said at one point.
And something else that felt too heavy at the time about our own and others' 'not knowing'. 

And also it was funny that it happened about aliens.

 DARK LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT is a collaboration between Ann Fuata and Craig Burgess that draws on their experiences of seeing with closed eyes. The project follows their interest in the way an internal visual field is produced when light hits the eyelids, and is a way for Ann and Craig to share these subjective experiences creating performances that use light, their bodies and the Vitrine Space at Platform as a screen. These performances form the final part of this generative and process-based project and will take place on opening night and during peak times over the course of the exhibition.

Elyse de Valle’s project is an enquiry into alternative ways of perceiving by means of looking. The Ganzfeld effect is attempted; the Ganzfeld is a homogenized field, a phenomenon that conceals any depth perception. It is known to present experiences of altered states of consciousness, the absence of visual reference points causing the mind to focus inwardly and allow memories to transpire into consciousness. Whilst the Ganzfeld effect is explored as a way in which to perceive absence and focus the mind on memories that may otherwise be subdued, conversely the technique of the Camera Obscura is used to focus consciousness on the time and space of ones present surroundings.