June Exhibitions 2013

In the series Event Horizon drawing is used by Darcey Bella Arnold as a method of recording a visionary experience. The reoccurring motif of birds evokes concepts of utopia and dreamlike hallucinations, a landscape which could be, rather than one that is. Using the site as a Wunderkammer the artist has used the light boxes of Platform as a memory theatre, symbolically conveying the world through controlled reproduction. References to late 70's and 80's sci-fi cinema are heavily present in the title and in the imagery. Each drawing contains a prominent horizon line, so as one walks quickly through the transient public space you could trick yourself into thinking you actually are portalled into an alternate dimension. 

A wave is a disturbance that travels through space and matter, accompanied by a transfer of energy.
The looping, or repetition, of a past event brings about a shift in time. The past is now a very real and significant aspect of the present, endlessly repeated, causing a temporal hiatus. This segment of time is of higher import, for some reason needing to be broadcast as consistently part of the present, and predictably as part of the future. (Why is it so important?)
(If photos come from reality, what kind of reality comes from photos?)
Through misdirection we find direction. 

 Mystic Terrain explores landscape as a space that extends from our natural environment into the cosmos. This explored territory slips between places that are visited and unknown. In this exhibition, the artist uses the methods of assemblage (such as collage and drawing) in order to construct/deconstruct an image of landscape, before reconfiguring an imaginary vision through painting.