July Exhibitions 2013

 Nellie Rogerson and Matthew Dettmer are concerned with the process of our daily manufactured environment. Looking at design, energy, function and the reading of images and objects within our everyday, Poppy Knocker aims to question how we view the design of the world around us. Play is an intrinsic ingredient within this exhibition as Dettmer and Rogerson work through their materials; a fine mesh of association and equilibrium often surfaces.

 The works amalgamated as Valediction suggest a narrative, a correspondence between fragmented elements, the viewer, and their own reflection. They describe distance and absence, all contained in the poetry of what could be read as a ‘letter’ home, a valediction, a farewell.

Unable to escape the tangible confines of the Vitrine, these elements pause in a state of suspension. The looping rhythm of the video work suggests an attempt at a melancholy release, a familiar shore to where someone is perhaps leaving from, or returning.

A small case for N –Regard is a small-scale, site-specific installation work developed for Platform’s Sample Space. Obscure, faintly familiar, white forms are piled; forms are arranged and contained in a field of white-painted display case. The work is an experiment, a sensitive inquiry into forms that remain incomplete and ambiguous, putting into question perception, understanding, affect and the place of description and language.