August Exhibitions 2013

For this exhibition Platform is re-imagined as an unofficial Melbourne off-site venue for the Venice Biennale. The selected artists will respond to curator Massimiliano Gioni’s theme, Il Palazzo Enciclopedico (The Encyclopaedic Palace), which derives from an imaginary museum conceived by Marino Auriti in the 1950’s. It encapsulates an ideal of universal knowledge and the democratisation of information. Within this artist-run exhibition, Auriti’s vision of The Encyclopaedic Palace is unhindered by the specificity of Venice.

‘Flesh Forms’ is an evolving collection of familial organisms made to reference, mimic and quietly pervert the body. These playful objects tease the viewer as their initially ambiguous and abstract forms begin to combine with natural and recognisable attributes. An indeterminate object becomes vaguely reminiscent of a leg, a tongue, a hair, a finger, a worm. Subtle imitation, simple production methods and unassuming materials allow this uncanny accumulation of strange items to form connections with familiar objects or known spaces.

This installation is about Tran's experiences as a first generation Australian, it is a tribute to immigrants, new Australians and first generation Australians.                         

Books are a powerful symbol; they tell stories, represent knowledge, adventure, and are an object of potential wisdom. A culmination of what has been learnt so far.

The title of the show refers to the glass cabinets of Platform, and offers a glimpse into Tran's life of feeling the same, yet looking different. Being on display and on show. Accepted, but separate.