December / January exhibitions 2013

New Release is the latest series of optical interventions by Andrew Gutteridge. He extends the vocabulary of geometric and hard edge abstraction through an engagement with sculptural forms and architecture to exploit time and duration, creating an unfolding contemplative experience for the viewer. Each Platform cabinet has been altered and distorted by a precise linear disruption. Gutteridge has created these distortions from a concise selection of materials. The developments of these interventions have derived from his painting practice: they coexist and inform one another. The playful optical distortions in each cabinet are activated as the viewer traverses the subway.

In a foreign continent a series of small and once brightly coloured structures lay dormant, their loss of pigment becoming an anchor to the traces and ghosts of so many children. Here in Australia a sister was killed young, then much later, a daughter was born.
This work, rise/fall, offers some kind of balance, offering, or maybe just a communion. Pigment is added here and in that act there is a level of release, and perhaps of exchange. Either way this work offers an elsewhere site, a temporal relic, which for a short time at least can harbour the other, the mirrored twin.

Julia Boros is a Melbourne-based artist and textile designer. Subterranean Formation is Julia’s first exhibition of sculptural textile work. She has previously exhibited work where moments of time have been captured via the medium of cyanotypes on fabric.

Julia graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2011 with a diploma of textile design and production. In 2013 she was selected as a finalist in the display category Australian Craft Awards for her suite of textile sculptures – Soft Bodies.