February Exhibitions 2014

Leela Schauble is an artist who explores the esoteric nature of the human psyche and human interaction with natural world. Schauble’s works tackle notions of perceptions, existence, and transformation through the medium of video and photography.

The objects in Schauble’s work Synthetic Species have an even more apocalyptic tenor. Her primary material is plastic, shown here in photographs of new forms of life, floating in a primordial evolutionary soup. Because of its inorganic indestructability, she imagines this material as an unnatural successor to humankind once it has become extinct.

The institution of military offers a great example of a major source of socially constructed masculinity. Men are taught or forced to be brave, fight for their country, to protect their wives and children and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. And as a result, men as a whole are instilled with the need to take on traits such as stoicism, emotional strength, a commanding and decisive manner and physical strength. By turning an emblem usually demanding respect into something farcical, Armour challenges the belief that the armed forces represent the epitome of masculinity and what it should encompass.

Andrew J Burford's practise focuses on understanding and challenging cultural ideologies of socially constructed gender roles. Rather than making work that handles gender with a strictly serious tone, his work seeks out the absurdities, inviting the viewer to laugh.