March Exhibitions 2014

 Andrea Eckersley                                    

‘Surface event’ is a durational, site responsive project comprising thirteen paintings constructed from subtly shifting white hues. Painted directly on to the walls of the cabinets, each work is made incrementally as new elements are added every few days. The paintings’ final compositions slowly appear like an apparition to the commuters that pass through Platform over the course of the exhibition. The surfaces are created, exhausted and then finally painted over through the event of the exhibition. This project continues Eckersley’s ongoing investigations into the function of surfaces in painting.

The Little Worlds of The Treater Universe

The Treaters are Aboriginal artists from the Post Madonna Period. The artists (including a goth, a cyborg, a monkey man and mysterion blak metal) have collaborated within Vitrine – itself holding both their Little Worlds and the wider world in which they operate and subvert. You are invited to peer into the The Treaters’ Little World. Avant-guard stories that are constructions of multi-faceted identities and ways of being. These are contrasted by apparitions of dominant cultures that constantly threaten the value of Little Worlds. But never fear, The Treaters know the future – it's looking good for Little Worlds!

Boe-Lin Bastian

Goal is a new work, proposed specifically for the Platform SAMPLE space. By encasing a basketball ring inside the display cabinet, an object usually symbolic of success is divorced from the game for which it was designed, becoming unreachable and therefore useless.

This work is informed by the history of the ready-made and operates as a visual pun rather than a metaphor. Positioned within the flowing traffic of the Flinders Street Station underpass, Goal playfully underlines the professional doubts infinitely pondered by workers making the daily commute.