April 2014 Exhibitions: Ander Rennick & Sarah Marriott, Saskia Doherty, Lauren Burrow

"I see no reason why my building can't wiggle a little" explores the stylistic tensions in envisioning built environments through filmic and animated renderings. Speculating on the discrepancy between rendered concepts and desired outcomes, the artists construct hypothetical loopholes between representation, communication and concept development. Through a combination of digital and hand-drawn images, Sarah Marriott works through the impossible phenomenology of the architectural cinematic—its disembodied gazes, epic panoramic sweeps, indistinct surfaces and artificial lighting. Meanwhile, using drawing and collage, Ander Rennick invokes caricatures of architectural stylistic politics—staging scenes of misunderstanding between clients and architects.

In approximately 1915, on the Danish island of Als, a local clergyman was said to have ended a host of supernatural activity plaguing a hilltop, by driving a stake into the ground thereupon. Through later examination of the hill for other purposes, the stake was found to have pierced the heart of a Viking corpse buried below.

 In a gesture of defenestration (the act of throwing something out of a window), a stack of taxonomical manila folders are left out on the roof for a succession of sunny days. The cards are exposed to incident sunlight, while daubs of sunscreen act as stencils from the elements, revealing faded anagrammatic poems and hazy perfunctory abstractions.