May 2014 Exhibtions -- Theia Connell & Samantha McColloch, Georgie Mattingley (Next Wave Festival), Ella Sowinska

 Mediation Station is a site-specific collaboration between Melbourne-based artists Theia Connell and Samantha McCulloch. Playfully merging curatorial and artistic practice, this durational project dissolves the borders between the Platform cabinets and the surrounding passageway. Placement and display inform content; the artists periodically alter the configuration of objects and light. By collecting and repurposing found objects, this exhibition questions the hierarchies of value associated with specific objects, and interrogates the divisions within social space itself. Boundaries become permeable, facilitating exchange between inside/outside, high/low, and form/formlessness.

 Georgie Mattingley’s exhibition WE[LOVE]ABATTOIR presents a series of portraits of Victoria’s abattoir in public spaces around Melbourne and Colac as part of Next Wave Festival.

The portraits depict Victoria’s abattoir workers posing in their uniforms within acolourful photo studio setting, to provide an intimate look at the people who provide our meat. A selection of these portraits will be displayed in the Vitrine at Platform

Download the Next Wave Festival app to hear interviews with abattoir workers. (Link to download app at

In Real Estate (Underwear Hunt), Ella Sowinska takes the idea of a property that is ‘open for inspection’ a little bit too far. Her aim, instead of finding and purchasing the house of her dreams, is to find all of the underwear drawers in a property and capture them on video with her iPhone without being seen.