July 2014 exhibitions -- Lauren Berkowitz, Nadine Christensen, Yvette Coppersmith, John Davis, Charles Dennington, Rozalind Drummond, Emily Krum, Midori Mitamura, Nest Architects, The Field Institute, Yuko Yokota / Tom Parsons / Kendal McQuire

The exhibition Kaleidoscope is inspired by the back to the land movement and intentional communities that flourished as social experiments and ecological alternative ways of living during the 1960s and early 1970s. Back grounded and drawing from a wellspring of material including the writing of Joan Didion, and T.C. Boyle to films such as ‘Woodstock’, before hip mass gatherings were commonplace, to the skewered idealism awash in the documentary ‘The Weather Underground’. These largely failed utopias sought an alternative: to change the social and ecological fabric. Kaleidoscope brings together artists, from Melbourne, Sydney and Tokyo, an architectural practice, a research led design office and an 11 year old student all with a constellation of approaches in their ideas and practice to create works that obliquely reference and propose a response about these noble, social experiments.

Tom Parsons’ project Vignette is an installation that takes from notions of the Still Life, primarily its subject matter and common motifs, in order to consider moments or objects of plainness or insignificance.
Taking the site of the Vitrine to consider the function of the delimited space for viewing and display, the intersections between modes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional displays of representation are played upon.

A flattened figure unrolls and unravels, bending and bowing.
Flat forms flex investigates the animation of a 2D cutout in a 3D world.
In an absurd practice of ‘truth to materials’ a yoga mat performs a series of poses.

Kendal McQuire is interested in material misbehavior. She observes and records materials that ‘act up’ and ‘kick back’, capturing the moment when object becomes performer.