August Exhibitions -- Martina Copley (curator), Renee Cosgrave, Anna Finlayson, Stephen Giblett, Heidi Holmes, Lou Hubbard, Bridie Lunney, Andrew McQualter, Sanné Mestrom, Viv Miller, Lynette Smith, Elke Varga / Hahna Read and Charlotte Watson / Mira Oosterweghel

I always read by listening to the text presents a polyphonic approach to the stutter by twelve contemporary artists. A threat to coherence and fluency, the lingering stutter is the percussive space of ‘words and their in-betweens’ (Celan). A hindrance that moves and dances, the stutter bypasses language, or at least the communicative properties attributed to it, in favour of rhythmic and sonic play. When thought of as a ‘highjacking of speech’ (Deleuze); or as ‘the foreigner from within which rhythms you’ (Blanchot); the stutter is a sideways move that allows for a particular kind of attentiveness to our inner murmurings.  Mobilising the stutter, I always read by listening to the text is more of an ensemble than an exhibition, to be read ‘as heard’ by passing viewers. In a series of false starts, disarticulations and soundings, these artists (not sound-artists) work with an exteriorized form of inner speech in spaces conceived for viewing.

Mutual Store aims to provide the viewer with an intimate space to question and explore the illuminated void. Using seemingly disparate objects of varying design value, they are recast as individual, handmade copies that are then rendered functionless. As a whole, there becomes a seemingly functional mechanism of display, yet suspended in space, literally hovering between art and design. Mutual Store presents a mid-century spectacle through reuse of designs of their contextual era, yet temporalizes and removes them from their intended purpose. 

Underground Behavings is an investigation into how our gestures and behaviours are affected by space and place. Seeking to show that it is a balancing act for each of us to negotiate how we act, given that while we are the masters of our own body, our body is also inscribed by the landscape we inhabit.