September Exhibitions -- Bryan Spier / Dionisia Salas / Oliver Hull

 Jealous Paintings is concerned with the location of the subject in abstract painting. It meditates on the act of painting as translation, and the implied promise that a real subject exists at one end of this translative chain. It is an attempt to activate deferral and absence as painterly properties that can be applied to a surface: to obliterate marks as the very result of making them. The works in Jealous Paintings are rather in denial that they are present at all, instead perpetually referring to a subject that exists nowhere.

Dionisia Salas is interested in the relationship of making a painting and the transmission of ideas, through gestures, texture, colour, patterning and layering in contrast with a visual, emotional response to the work.

For her work at Platform she has filled the Vitrine with second hand clothing, sourced from her personal wardrobe, the street and op shops. Sandwiched between the glass and the clothing are her images. The space becomes an extension of the picture plane as she moves between what is real, what is abstraction and what is fiction, an act of looking, experience and memory. 

 Oliver Hull’s works take the form of various reconfigurations of fictional and real referents such as scientific materials, quantifiable data, fictional characters and everyday objects to create situations where the viewer is prompted to speculate on that which can only be imagined or simulated. Hull is currently making work about landscapes that can only be experienced through representation, such as outer space and the deep ocean.